The plant.b: Art direction & Packaging

The Plant.b is a new brand for vegan food. Our strategy was based on the awareness of how important is for people, their food decisions to have a positive impact, for themeselves, animals and the world. 
This products invite to a mindful plant-based eating, a more sustainable option that represents you both ethical and individually without giving up the best flavor. We attract our target with values such as freedom, authenticity and awareness.
The concept was happy food. The naming refers directly to this words game in which there is a plan b where plants are the only protagonists. The claim “You plant future” encourages people to take the step to make a change as soon as possible. To underline the message we used natural, soft and friendly colors: the new hungry world meets an environment-friendly behavior.
Master’s final project (TFM) developed under the supervision of Bold during the master in Challenging Branding, from LA BASAD, Barcelona.